Our Core Values are that we:

  • Believe that every young person has the right to the best possible education.
  • Value every young person and will focus on each individual in order to fully support their needs so that no one is left behind.
  • Believe in an ethos of honesty, integrity, openness, dignity and respect for each other.
  • Believe that every person has the right to feel secure and to be successful.
  • Believe in strong family values that sustain the members by creating a safe, positive and supportive place in which they can thrive.
  • Believe in an environment of ownership and responsibility where every person is empowered to have a voice in the life and work of our schools and their community.
  • We will protect each individual’s right to freedom and choice, working actively against discrimination and social exclusion, and seeking equal opportunity for all.
  • Will encourage creative vision, thinking and problem solving, seeking to pioneer new methods, develop fresh perspectives, and embrace innovation, change and challenge.
  • Believe we have a responsibility to support education by sharing the skills, resources and expertise within our partner organisations to ensure students are equipped for the 21st Century workplace.